Friday, May 25, 2007

New Mission Pictures

I know I have been home from my mission to Venezuela for 4 years now but I just got sent these pictures this week. Here are some members from my first area Punto Fijo.

This is the Hermano DeStefano and his son Miguel... they were baptized just before I arrived in Venezuela... they loved the missionaries and would do ANYTHING for them. They volunteered to wash our clothes every week... and they would always feed us. Once when we were on lock down for riots... Hermano Destefano road his bike about 5 miles to bring us food and to make sure we had everything we needed.

Wilmur Seco (Dark Blue Shirt) was someone we met when we were out walking between appointments. We stopped to get a drink from a food stand and the weirdest thing happened while I was standing there... He was there drinking a soda next to me when I felt inclined to poke him in the stomach.. I fought the inclination for what seemed like several minutes until I finally gave in... he responded much to my surprise and relief with "When are you coming over to visit my family?". I was shocked.. Wilmur was baptized shortly after... his 5 children were baptized and just before this area was changed from my mission to another mission... Wilmur's wife was baptized. She was the last person to be baptized in Falcon by the Maracaibo Mission. They are still going strong.

The Romay Family.. Mom, Dad and 2 of the sons showed up to church one day in white shirts and ties and bibles in hand all on their own... in others words... we didnt know them... no one did... no one invited them... they just came... and they were ready to learn more. I kid you not... this family took notes during the discussions... anyway... it seemed like a slam dunk... they were truly converted. But, opposition will always come... the Dad was nearly killed by a drunk driver days before their scheduled baptism... you can see him still in a wheel chair in his baptism picture. It was an extreme trial for this tight knit family but they persevered and today they are stronger than ever. The oldest son Alan Jr.. served a mission, got married in the temple and lives in Salt Lake. The second son is just about to leave on his mission as well... and I also just found out the Dad just got called to be a bishop in Maracaibo!

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