Friday, June 22, 2007

Deep thoughts by Brad

I was thinking on my way to the bathroom at work... man I sure wont miss this building. Then I thought... why do we call it a building when it has already been built... we should call it a built. I work in a built... I live in a built...

I am tired of saying 'flip flops'... when did we switch to that anyway. I wasn't done calling them 'thongs'. Its so much easier to say thongs... there should be no confusion with the other word 'thong' because typically you only wear those one at a time thus the singular usage. So the added 's' means they are thong sandals. Starting now... they are 'thongs' again!

Does anyone know why the word cool has stayed cool? Other words like tubular or radical have not stood the test of time. Cool is like the ultimate word to use to express how 'cool' something is. Cool really, if you think about it has bridged together generations of people who use this word. Anyway have a cool summer.

I was watching the news this morning and the guy they have as their "funny reporter" (who is not normally funny) was actually funny this morning. He was reporting live from some western days carnival or something and he was sitting on one of those pig slides that have where you all race down at the same time. He said "they actually named this ride after my college nickname" and they panned out to show the name of it. It read "Flying Fanny". I was dying! Who names a slide that.

Join me later for more thoughts by Brad


(amy) said...

brad. i appreciate you as a brother in law.
thats all for now.

Andrea F said...

youre funny babe..i love you. thank you for the vast insight into the mind of Brad. Wasnt the name of the slide, Fanny Flyer?