Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How's it Brudda?

One thing that everyone needs to know about me and Andrea is that we are huge Dog the bounty hunter fans... we Tivo it every week. I think we started watching because we were just shocked by them and what they say, and most of all....what they wear. Over the past few seasons Andrea and I have really grown to love this show and look forward to it. We have had 'Dog night' at our house with some friends of ours (the Stice Family). I encourage everyone to just give Dog a try... I am sure you will get hooked!

Here are some things to look for:

Dogisms- Example: any time Dog starts saying "Fe fi fo fum..." listen up its gonna be hilarious!

Dog emotions- Dog although an excellent bounty hunter... he has a sensitive side... watch for him choking up a little. Its reality tv at it's best.

Beth's clothing- Beth is Dog's wife and sidekick... she can wear some revealing clothes sometimes and they are BREATHTAKINGLY shocking... Andrea and I have had to rewind and re-watch a few scenes just to be able to believe what we see. Let's just say when she talks about bust'n criminals... thats not the only thing shes bust'n. One of my favorite examples of Beths choicest ugly outfits, is from an episode when Beth went 'undercover' at the airport waiting for a criminal to return to Hawaii... she had on a ladies Sunday hat... a t-shirt and shorts and hi-top Cons from the Saved by the Bell days... it was awesome!!!!

Dog Motivation- When Dog makes an arrest he doesn't just throw them in the back of his SUV and thats it... he gives them a cigarette and a bottle of water and then talks about how that they screwed up their lives. It usually makes the people cry and usually helps the person think about consequences of running from the law.

Songs- Both Beth and Dog will come up with little jingles to taunt the criminals they are chasing.. for example and my personal favorite is when Beth sang "nah.. nah.. nah.. nah.. ice head" It drives Andrea crazy when I say it to her but hey... I learned it on Dog!

Mispronunciations- This is the best when this happens one example that we love is when on Valentine's Day the 'posse' gathered around and held hands to say their daily prayer together and Dog in a quivering voice said, "We want to wish YOU Lord... a Happy Valentime's Day" (note the 'm' instead of the 'n') We probably quote that every Tuesday night!

So as you can see... this show is packed with all kinds of awesomeness... if you don't watch you should - and if you do watch.... right on brudda!

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Andrea F said...

Dog...Boobs...Youngblood...Duane Lee...Lee-Lee...Baby are all so dear to my heart

Kim said...

Beth rocks!!!!