Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh Fanny Pack Oh Fanny pack....

I recently had a conversation with someone at work about Fanny Packs. He was embarrassed when he told me that his Dad still sports one. I thought I would educate people on how awful fanny packs are in hopes that we can make them go away. Below are a few shapes and forms they come in so you will not be fooled.

No need to adjust your monitor those are animal head fanny packs... unbelievably cruel to do this to your kids. Even if the kid wants one... help em out... dont give it to em!

This one made me almost fall out of my chair... leashes on kids already seems outrageous to me and connecting it at a fanny pack... even worse. It looks like an umbilical cord.

These are for the hippie crowd. These are all hand dyed threads and these fanny packs are perfect for carrying environmental pamphlets about global warming and to store drugs.

This fanny pack is the perfect cooler... guaranteed to fit a sandwich, capri sun, and a small cookie. Hint for those considering... Coolers like these were never cool.
Now these are probably carried at Nordstrom or Saks... they have sequins on them and are listed on line as "dress fanny packs" I wonder if they have matching jogging suits and visors.

I don't know why this girl looks so happy... maybe its because she hasn't looked in the mirror at her fanny pack since the 90's when they were all the craze.

Even if the fanny pack displays the American flag it's still not ok.

This one is to hit Mothers at their weak spot... bunnies on tapestry... who could resist... well Mom's please resist so the rest of don't have to throw up in our mouths every time we see it.

This is an exact replica of a fanny pack worn by one of the village people. It just goes to show that there are even fanny pack choices for drag queens.

Still wrong even though they have the flag in the right format. Please don't try again.

A man purse is better than a "manny pack" please... go buy a truck or something manly to reverse the affects.

This is the "manny pack" to the side. I wonder if he has his braided belt hanging down underneath it.

This just in... the radio fanny pack! Come on get with the 90's! I bet this will play "ice ice baby" like it was meant to be heard.

PLEASE HELP GET RID OF THE FANNY PACK!!!!!!! If you know someone who still wears them please take them aside and have a good heart to heart with them... the road to recovery may be long but they will get there one day and hopefully without a cell phone clipped to their belt! (also bad)


CwazyLawa said...

Gosh, Brad... could you be a little less harsh? I just got done smothering my lips with my chapstick.. which I just happened to have found in this fanny pack of mine. I got it in Moab last year and I will stand strong to defend it in all it's rust-colored glory. It carries all sorts of important things for me... Other items of valuable note: a half-stick of bubble gum that has lint sticking to the ripped end of the exposed side, a 2 dollar bill that is gonna be worth 2 MILLION bills someday, a leftover token from the dimecade last week, and my trusty lucky rabbit's foot hanging from the zipper on the side. NOW TELL ME THAT YOU ARE GLAD YOU THREW YOURS AWAY!!!!

CwazyLawa said...

Oh, and I think you've reached the epitome of the title of your website now. That first picture of Napoleon and his buds is nothing but "the perfect photo". Don't deny it this merit.