Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So we finally went to the new Utah Ikea last night. It wasn't as crowded as I am sure the first few weeks have been but it was still loaded with people. Andrea and I went with Melissa and the kids (Curry is still in Africa) and we had a lot of fun wandering the place. I must say that by the end of the trip I was way Ikea'd out! Amazingly enough we (Andrea and I) made it out without buying anything. A highlight of the night was that I ran into a long lost friend of mine Russ Richards that I went to Elementary School with... Junior High.. and High School. We lost contact when I left on my mission and no one knew where he went. He was at IKEA! Russ and I both were involved in different art projects together... we use to walk home from school together and we were also in the same ward. I remember in 5th grade both Russ and I wanted to do our state reports on Utah. My teacher... Mrs. Troyer (Dr.) didn't want two students to do the same state.. ya know.. to mix it up a little... well... we both put up a pretty big fight and she agreed to let us both do Utah. I am actually the one that put up a big fight because his name got drawn first and he picked Utah first. I'm a nerd I know... anyway because I remember the most random things... I remember that Russ brought in salt water taffy from Utah as part of his presentation. It's weird I remember that. Isn't amazing how IKEA can bring people together?!

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